Test Your Pet's Ticker

We are on the chase for the dreaded heartworm which can lay ever so dormant in our pets without us even knowing.  Summer temperatures have been prolonged this year and with the current rains, mosquitoes, the vector of heartworm, are still swarming. Heartworm prevention is not the same as intestinal worm prevention and so many times owners will be victim to the ‘wormer’ trap or the ‘monthly’ treatment trap.  Heartworm affects your pet’s heart and although it can be treatable it is a horrible condition for your pet to have to endure. 

If you feel that you and your pet may have lapsed on their heartworm prevention you are in luck.  We are currently running a program here at Old Mill Animal Vet where we are offering FREE heartworm testing with any annual Proheart vaccination to ensure your dog is safe and protected. This offer is running until the end of April so call us to book your appointment today.