Skin Allergies

There is no doubt that having a dog that suffers from skin allergies can be immensely frustrating as most of the time these animals have to be managed for life rather than “being cured” and still require regular vet visits to treat skin flare-ups as and when they happen. Many dogs with chronic skin conditions are managed with medications, some of which can have unpleasant side effects. A more recent oral drug called “Apoquel” has been giving a lot of our patient’s relief from their constant itch, without the nasty side-effects of some of the older medications. A new drug is currently being released called “Cytopoint” which works in a similar fashion to Apoquel, however is a monthly injection rather than a daily tablet. 

If you think your dog may benefit from this new medication, has an “unbeatable itch”, or you simply want to learn more come in and have a chat to our friendly vets. 

This article was provided by our vet, Dr Emily.