Make Your Senior Pet Feel Young Again

We are always seeking to improve the services we provide for your pets. Often a senior (6-8 years of age) pet's ailments are just seen as ‘them’ getting old. As pets reach their golden years, there are a variety of conditions and diseases that they can face, including weight and mobility changes; osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumours and cancers; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance; and many others. Early detection is essential to assist in disease prevention, reduce suffering and greatly prolong lifespan. 

At Old Mill Vet we have now developed a Senior Program to help assist your ageing pet. If your pet shows any of the followings, then it is time to come in and see us. 

  • Interacting less with family members 
  • Responding less often or less enthusiastically 
  • Having difficulty climbing stairs 
  • Increased stiffness or limping 
  • Increase in drinking 
  • Urinating more often 
  • Changes in weight gain or loss 
  • Changes in coat condition or skin 
  • New lumps or bumps 
  • Confusion or disoriented 
  • Losing house training habits 

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