Charlie: Hunting a Silent Killer

Charlie: Hunting a Silent Killer

The most common cause of congestive heart failure (CHF) in dogs is congenital heart defects, meaning that it's a genetic condition that can't be prevented. Many small breeds have a genetic predisposition toward CHF but some large breeds can also suffer, as well as cats.

CHF can also develop in a heart that's been weakened by other heart conditions. CHF can be found by your veterinarian with a regular vet visit and confirmed with x-rays and specialist referral. Blood and urine testing can also be conducted to rule out other possible causes for the disease, such as renal disease.

This is Charlie who recently came in for his annual vaccination. Charlie is one of our Best for Pet members and he was found to have a heart irregularity by Dr Emily, known as a ‘murmur’. His owner decided to proceed with chest xrays and other diagnostics and made some big savings due to their membership.

We will see Charlie back for regular visits to monitor his ticker and the progression of his heart disease and assist wherever and however we can.