Beware of bladder stones

Recently, little Millie visited our clinic after her owner bought her in concerned about her ability to go to the toilet. Our new furry friend was diagnosed with bladder stones, other wise known as Uroliths. While this condition can start out small, if left untreated the stones can grow quickly in number or size, causing significant pain, irritation or potential blockage of the urinary tract. 

Signs and symptoms of bladder stones in dogs include:  

  • Urinary accidents 
  • Frequent attempts to urinate without producing much urine 
  • Straining to urinate 
  • Discoloured urine 
  • Licking around the urinary opening 

These symptoms are also replicated for other diseases such as urinary tract infections, so the diagnosis of bladder stones can only be confirmed with either an X-ray or ultrasound.  Millie’s X-ray showed many different sized stones. Our brave little patient has been given antibiotics and dietary management to assist with the dissolution of her stones. She will also be visiting us regularly over the next few weeks to observe and manage the process of recovery.  

If your pet is showing signs of urinary discomfort, give our friendly team a call and make an appointment!